Area Activities




Snow Peak Rentals
Snowpeak Rentals provides rental equipment, tours and guides for the Golden area.
1416 Golden View Road (in the Days Inn), Golden BC
Ph: 250.344.8385

Rocky Mountain Riders
Offering a variety of tour packages for all riding abilities and customizable trips for those experienced riders or the return guests who want to try a new trail.
Kicking Horse Trail, Golden, BC
Ph: 877.950.7533

White N Wild Adventures
White N' Wild snowmobile tours offers guided snowmobile tours.
1509 Lafontaine Road, Golden, BC
Ph: 250.344.6546


The Golden area and the Purcell mountains are famous the world over for its champagne powder and backcountry skiing. Purcell Heli-Skiing offers guided excursions for high intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders.
438 Lafontaine Road, Golden, BC
Ph: 250.344.5410


Dawn Mountain Nordic Trails
Trailhead located on Hector Trail (turn right before entering the Purcell Woods loop).

Golf Course Trails
Trailhead located by Golf Club House.