Golden & Area Attractions

For those who prefer a little more serenity when traveling, enjoy exploring the rich history, culture and beauty of Golden, BC and the surrounding area.


World's Largest Hand Paddle

Just south of Golden on Highway 95 sits the
GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® certified "Largest Hand Paddle / Oar", measuring over 60 feet long. The paddle is carved from one western red cedar log and took over 200 hours to build.  

Spiral Tunnels

Visit a true engineering marvel. Completed in 1909, the Spiral Tunnels - designed by J.E. Schwitzer - allowed for safer rail passage through the Kicking Horse Pass to and from the west coast.  

Natural Rock Bridge

Located 10km northwest of Field, BC in Yoho National Park, this natural rock bridge is a sight to behold. The Kicking Horse River, a Canadian Heritage river, originates in the Wapta and Waputik icefields in the park. Admire the power of nature as it cuts a path right through the ancient rock. 

Northern Lights Wolf Centre

Get  up close and personal with a magnificent pack of grey wolves at the Northern Lights Wolf Centre - located 20 minutes from the Town of Golden by car. Take in an interactive interpretive session and learn about the role of wolves in a healthy environment.

Emerald Lake

Located 10km north of Field, BC - just up the road from the Natural Rock Bridge - is Emerald Lake. This beautiful turquoise lake get its colour from powdered limestone and is spectacular to see, particularly in the month of July. Emerald Lake is the largest of Yoho's 61 lakes and ponds, as well as one of the park's premier tourist attractions. Throughout the summer, visitors can rent canoes or enjoy many nearby hiking trails and walking paths.

Takakkaw Falls

Just northeast of Field, BC is the turnoff towards the stunningly beautiful Takakkaw Falls. Even the drive itself is absolutely gorgeous. The highest point of the falls is 302 metres (991 feet) from its base, making it the 45th tallest waterfall in eastern British Columbia. The area boasts picnic tables, easy meandering trails and even a rugged 10km hike to the top of the falls for the more adventurous types. In fact, you can even hike a full 30km from Emerald Lake to Takakkaw Falls via the Iceline Trail if you are so inclined.

Golden & District Museum

Learn about the Golden area - both past and present at the Golden & District Museum, located at 1302 11 Avenue South, Golden, BC

Art Gallery of Golden | Kicking Horse Culture

Delight in the array of unique art and hand-crafted gifts from over 80 local and regional artists at the Art Gallery of Golden and the Studio Gift Shop. Located at 516 9th Ave N, Golden, BC